Organic Tumbler Rejuvenate by Celtic Candles

Organic Tumbler with Wooden Lid will infuse your space with a beautiful aroma and add a touch of style to your existing décor. At Celtic Candles, we care about the quality and durability of our candles. Our tumbler candles will offer you an exceptional experience from the first moment you light them. The lead-free wick system offers an inviting, warm glow that spreads authentic fragrance in your space thoroughly and quickly. With its premium ingredients, our tumbler candles deliver a clean burn, ensuring that you focus on their heavenly aroma instead of a burning smell. The sleek tumbler design from our candles will also serve as a trendy decorative accent for your home.
A sharp 20cl glass container with brown spray and floral decal. Burn time is 40-50 hours. When burning is complete simply place in the dishwasher and reuse glass as a T light container or floral container.
Revjuvenate is a subtle aroma blending soft pomegranate and black spices.


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