Palo Santo Wood Incense by Nunaïa

The fragrant smoke of this 'holy wood' has been used for thousands of years by traditional South American communities for its physical and spiritual benefits. 

This highly aromatic palo santo wood can be used to cleanse and energize a space and to clear and restore energy.


  • Our concentrated, high-resin Palo Santo incense sticks are Certified by the Peruvian
  • Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife and are sustainably and ethically sourced. This holy wood is harvested only after the tree has died and is left to mature for a more concentrated, high resin content.

The Ritual

Follow the steps below to begin your Nunaïa Skincare Ritual:

- Light stick and point down towards a flame.

- Allow stick to catch flame and burn for 30 seconds.

- Blow out flame & place stick on a heat resistant surface or dish.

- Smudge the room and yourself by gently moving the dish and spreading the light smoke and scent.


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