Jo Browne Tiger Eye Facial Roller

You may know about a lot of gemstones, but Tiger Eye Gemstone is a completely different and beautiful stone.
It attracts harmony in life and is a extremely protective stone giving you strength and courage and allows you to make decisions,It helps ground you and bring out your creativity

– Benefits
– Reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.
– Increase lymphatic drainage.
– Reduce puffiness.
– Detox the skin.
– Tone the skin.
– Improve elasticity of the skin.
– Soothe irritated sensitive skin.
– Exercise facial muscles.
– Lymph Drainage

How to Use Me:

Application: The Tiger’s Eye Facial Roller is used to enrich your Morning & Evening Ritual. Simply roll outwards and slightly upwards on your face and neck after cleansing for radiant skin. May also be used to massage your face oil and/or night cream into your skin promote deep hydration and skin rejuvenation. Use the gemstone roller ball for the smaller parts of your face.

– To clean your Face Roller, simply use a gentle soap with warm water. Dry thoroughly. Gemstone face rollers are delicate, being made out of natural stone, so be sure to handle carefully
If your gemstone has been busy it might need a boost with a recharge. A day in the sun would do it and so would a night out under the full moon.


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