The Eclectic Living Annie Sloan Gift Bundle

At Twenty Six, our aim is always to make your shopping experience as easy as possible. To keep you busy and get you through those January blues, we are offering an extra helping hand by putting together carefully considered gift bundles.

Our Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®Gift Bundles have been curated for to suit specific styles. Save 15% on these all inclusive bundles!

For the lover of Eclectic Living, our bundle contains:

- 1 Litre of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in Aubusson Blue

- 120ml of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in Tilton

- 120ml of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in Capri Pink

- 120ml of Annie Sloan Clear Chalk Paint Wax®

- One copy of Annie Sloan Paints Everything by Annie Sloan

- One Mix Mat (designed to help you mix your perfect shade!) 

*if you would like to swap out any of the above colours, please email us after purchasing*


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