The Big Paint Annie Sloan Online Workshop

For the first time ever, Annie Sloan Stockists from all around the world will be hosting the same workshop over one week (1st - 7th February 2021) as part of our new Support Local campaign. You can support your high street from the comfort of your own home, invite friends and be “together apart” while learning a fun new skill.

What will you be doing?

Our workshop will be ran on February 5th using Google Meet, where Margaret from Twenty Six will teach you all about Chalk Paint® and will show you step-by-step how to create your very own painted tray. We will answer all the Chalk Paint® questions you’ve ever had. You’ll leave with new confidence to begin your own projects and enough leftover product to start immediately.

The "workshop kit" has been designed and created by Annie Sloan herself and will contain all the materials you need to take part. It will be sent ahead of the workshop, right to your front door. You will also receive easy instructions to help you log into your online workshop. 

The workshop kit includes everything you will need for the session, so beginners will have nothing to worry about!

You will receive:
• 3 x 120ml pots of Chalk Paint®
• 1 x 120ml of Clear Chalk Paint® Wax
• 1 x Small Flat Brush
• 1 x bespoke limited-edition stencil exclusive to the workshop
• and a wooden tray sourced from Annie’s trip to India earlier this year.

You’ll finish with a beautifully painted tray for your home, some newfound confidence, and the delicious satisfaction of creative fulfilment.


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