Cactus 6cm in Black Facepot

Watering: Cacti originate from countries where it is usually very dry. Therefore they need a little bit of water. It is best to provide your Cacti a little water once every 2 weeks on the potting soil (not on the plant). If you forget to water the Cactus, don’t worry. It has enough reserves to survive a decent time (months).

Succulents need a little more water than a Cactus. It is best to give them a good splash of water on the potting soil (not on the plant) once every 2 weeks.

The regular green plants need even a bit more water, they need a good splash of water on the potting soil every week.

Please note! Keep in mind thatthese plantsdo not like too much water.

Light: Cacti and Succulents like to be in a light environment but do not need sunlight to live. 

Temperature: The plants feel most comfortable in a climate between 15 and 22 degrees Celsius.



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