Geisha Cabinet May 29 2014, 0 Comments

I had been lusting after a dresser of some description to encourage me to display and use my china collection. I had chased up a few but due to woodworm, wear and tear, broken glass that was too expensive to replace I wasn’t having much luck.


( I had hesitated about this cabinet above, it finally went down to €10 and as market was closing I said Deal and went off happy, priced one piece of broken glass, came back next weekend having decided colour etc to find it had been "disposed of", I suspected it had wood worm but was disappointed nonetheless as I was going to treat it eitherway)


(as I had been envisaging something like this gorgeous Yellow makeover above cortesy of )

Then I heard about a little village sale, as I pulled in I saw somebody pulling off with a gorgeous antique dresser on top of their car and I abandoned the car and started running. Not much was left and a lot of big pieces I could not take, hidden in the corner I spotted this sad cabinet, upon closer inspection I quite liked the detail and the silk lining, upon asking about it I realised there were two shelves to go with it. I said “Yes, I’ll take it, now” then proceeded to get the car, remove two car seats, and force the cabinet across my back seat much to my husbands chagrin when I arrived home already late with seats removed etc...but it’s a passion!

I had also inspired by some gorgeous upcycled cabinets and dressers I had seen on

(image courtesy of Sawdust and Embryos go to to see this fantastic couples before and after photos, it will certainly get you into a creative mood)

(image courtesy of which has a gorgeous array of pretty hand painted funriture)


I went through all of the options on colours then I had a good look at the silk at the back as I had planned on reupholstering then I decided I would give it a “stay of execution” in the true spirit of upcycling and I instead cleaned with a fabric soap and lukewarm water very gently sponging it sparingly, let it dry and gave it a few generous sprays of Febreeze and decided it would be a shame to rip out.

(Jewlery box  and this reconfirmed that I would try Old Violet on the cabinet)

So now I was more restricted in my colour choices and finally I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to use Old Violet as I had wanted to use it as I keep seeing very attractive furniture making statements with it but I had tried it and hadn’t been convinced. So I painted the cabinet with two coats of Old Violet Chalk Paint™  by Annie Sloan and then for a bit of contrast I painted Louis Blue on the inside to set off the Chinese Silk interior.

I left it for a few days after I had sanded and waxed with a brush. Then I decided it could take a little livening up, so I went onto and decided this Geisha was going to glam up my cabinet with her Kimono in complimentary colours. inspires me and has so many graphics to choose from I am always spoilt for choice! So I was back out with my decoupage kit and pasting on my Geisha. 

After a few more days I was very happy but then thought okay it’s time to bite the bullet and start using the Dark wax on other colours as opposed to just Emperor Silk (as always looks great on this). Lavishly applied, and then wanted to cry as it made it too dark, so I have applied clear wax, then very gently some white spirits and removed a lot of the dark wax and I keep rubbing in clear wax so that finally I have something I will cherish and is providing a sumptuous home for my Grandmothers’ China set.

That’s the benefit of Annie Sloan’s paints and waxes, it’s all trial and error and so no big deal you learn as you go along. Next week I will be highlighting blogs where Annie Sloan veterans give their mistakes, tips and advice for more complex transformations.

For a selection of beautiful cabinets, take a look:

I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to for all the unbelievable graphics they upload for anyone with a passion for crafting and upcycling and it has made it so pleasurable and I am spoilt for choice with the images as well as truly inspired