Pretty in Pink Dipped Stool June 02 2014, 0 Comments

Another project I have wanted to try for ages was the “dipped” trend that has been making waves since 2013 with designers worldwide. Inspired by  and the colour pallet from a well worn and loved T-shirt that I wanted to use in an upcyling project. The image below is an upcycled stool I found for sale online and was exactly what I was looking for but I couldnt decide if I wanted the lines masked or running into each other.

I had a bedroom stool that is kind of depressing, heavy dark wood and yet very useful but I just wanted to give it a new life.  I had decided that the more masculine the piece looks the more feminine approach I should take to the colour so I chose Henrietta Chalk Paint™  by Annie Sloan and started with that.

(Give A Boring Old Stool A Beautiful Makeover by Lisa Tisle, see Full Blog below from

I loved the end result but wanted to be more adventurous and explore this new “dipping “ trend. So I got out my trusty Emperor Silk and mixed it 2:1 with Old White. Then mixed it equally with Old White.

(image courtesy of silverhue design, Full Blog below My New DIY Obsession)

So I did the bottom section first (which I will not repeat as when I did next section it dribbled a bit as I hadn’t let it dry in my impatience to see the end result). Whilst it was drying I got out my sewing machine, stitched up my old t-shirt into a rectangular shaped cushion, sewed on a button and the transformation was complete.

( photo courtesy of BY  ON 


I then very gently sanded off the stool and then waxed it with clear wax.

A Big Thank You to All the Inspirational Blogs out there:

Next Blog we will be using a mixing tool to help us pick colours and try a few new Annie Sloan Chalk Paint mixes....