Wall Art with Vintage French Porcelain Plates May 14 2014, 0 Comments

Inspired by an exhibition I saw in the Northern Italy, I had been on the lookout for an opportunity to emulate it. Finally, I found an antique frame that had gotten damp in my parents garage. So I ripped out the print as ruined anyway and then asked my very obliging brother-in-law to help me by cutting a sheet of MDF to fit the back of the frame as the current one was warped. He did and so now I had to find my art inspiration, so I went to my own “Aladdin’s Cave” where I keep all my treasure as I cannot fit in the actual house and after a lot of humming and hawing decided I would try with my “Vintage plates” I had bought in Italy after I had seen the exhibition, which are actually French made.


The site above is inspirational and it where I sourced a lot if ideas from, including the next two images which cheered me up no end.


The MDF I then painted with two coats of Chalk Paint™  by Annie Sloan in Old White and then I waxed, buffed a lot as I was afraid adhesive my not stick and I had visions of my vintage side plates crashing to the tiled floor beneath.... Then for the frame itself I painted it with two coats of Greek Blue, waxed it with a lint free cloth and then sanded sections so the original gold frame would show through.

I then tried every layout scheme possible for the plates and enlisted the help or my reluctant husband to measure it with his tape and a pencil as I am always too impatient and try to do things by eye and when they are up I realise I must be a Cyclops because they are never spaced correctly! I was back to my trusty brother-in-law who told me yes “Tec 7” would ensure the plates are stuck till well after I am gone anyway....it can be sourced at small local DIY stores and all of the big ones. I am happier with the end result than I thought and everyone that enters the kitchen cannot help but compliment it and its simplicity.....

So get rummaging...... and you too can have some of your very own wall art like above or below

Wall Art with Annie Sloan Greek Blue frame and Old white background

If this blog inspired you, please look at Inspire Bohemia below which is fantastic and are the source of the two photos used in blog above.