Chalk Paint® Brightens up RDS Ideal Home Show 2014 April 13 2014, 0 Comments

So we headed off for the RDS full of enthusiasm and with a van load full of Annie Sloan delights to test the response at the RDS Ideal Home Show. For the stand we had relied on all the AS fanatics to tell us what they would like to see on the stand and we hope we delivered, according to the feedback we got over the three days you were all thrilled to get to see the selection of colours available and the huge amount of “interesting” objects that can be upcycled or repurposed with a lick of Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan. We spent a lot of time looking at what is popular and upcoming in trends worldwide and what the Irish twist on this is, we went through a lot of mood boards and came up with a stand we hoped you would love and you did....

We are also using it as an opportunity to launch the new Annie Sloan fragrances which are receiving rave reviews and seem to have scents that our Annie Sloaners are keen to wear..

So it’s been a hectic few days at the RDS Ideal Home Show as we met with some of our Annie Sloan fans that were buying from the day the paint was available in Ireland and have been “invigorating” their homes ever since, we have also met with some people who have never come across Chalk Paint  or Annie Sloan and kept demanding to know what the catch was!!! They were won over when they came back for the really popular on the stand demos. Bravely undertaken by all Irish Annie Sloan stockists , these demonstrations gave non-believer a chance to see with their own eyes that “there really is no need to sand, remove or prepare” the furniture pre-painting once it is a clean surface.

Then they got to see how quick you can transform a piece of much-loved or in some cases “hated” furniture turning it into something you really love.... when softly painted in one of the dream like opaque shades of Annie Sloan it conveys a different era and often shades out a feature you may not like or highlights a shapely table leg much better than its previous mahogany shade....

Ideal Home show attendees were delighted to get their hands on a real “upcycling” piece after a couple of years of being teased with these pieces at the show house but not knowing how or where to get their hands on the equipment or paints to transform something for themselves.

The Annie Sloan fabric wad displayed lovingly on an old ladder and the upcycled sofa was so inviting that people sat down to flick through the Annie Sloan sample books and watch the world go by.

The demonstrations covered were One colour distress, Transfer image, Two colour distress, Stencilling, Gilding, Colour wash and Decoupage and proved to be a big hit with attendees asking where they can learn more (Annie Sloan workshops with Twentysix at or through any of our stockists 

Also the Annie Sloan books can be purchased online at

What was shocking from the show is how many people got genuinely excited at the prospect of not having to prepare, sand or prime pre-painting their project of choice. Admittedly, loads of women found this to be the most attractive selling point as well as the time and money saved and the selection of colours and the fact that you can mix all your own colours for an individual touch.

Everyone on the stand were delighted to hear so many positive and complimentary on the stand design and to hear from well seasoned exhibition attendees or even other exhibitors that the stand won hands down with its upbeat, quirky and eclectic look which seemed to brighten up people as they approached the stand.

A couple of comments we overhead while painting at the stand:

“Oh yes this chalk paint, I’ve been hearing all about it, it’s supposed to be very easy to use”

“Oh yes now I see they do have a gorgeous range of colours”

“Hi, yes I am painting a tea chest and I am wondering how much would I need and how will I learn how to apply it, can anybody do it”

“Oh there’s that Annie Sloan paint, you know that’s become really popular here”

“Its called chalk paint, funny name for it...” (teenager)

“Oh there’s the Annie Sloan stand you know the one you can do all the Shabby chic stuff with”

“I live in Clontarf, which stockist can I go to and would they be able to tell me how to use it”

It took a huge amount of hard work behind the scenes to prepare for the Ideal Homes Exhibition but it was hugely enjoyable to exhibit and get to talk to the real people who are using Chalk Paint and a big THANK YOU to all the stockists who showed off their talents in a restricted space with lots of onlookers and questions and did us Proud.....

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And for those of you who are seasoned “Annie Sloaners” check out the latest techniques on Annie’s own blog at  which recently covers techniques “From wash to white stripes to watercolour” , “Sgraffito" and "Frottage"or if you are feeling up to a challenge and inspired after the Ideal Homes Show......