Shaken Not Stirred - Bring Back some 1950's Nostalgia with your own Repurposed Drinks Cabinet December 16 2013, 6 Comments

A door which I took a photo for my Annie Sloan Notebook where I keep everything that inspires me so that when I am due to paint a piece of furniture I can flick back through it and decide what grabs my attention. Some people keep them online and others do both to save them printing photos and just keep pieces of fabric or cards in their Annie Sloan notebook. Do whatever suits your lifestyle but always gather what makes you happy, smile, you will be influenced by changing trends around you none of us are immune but also you will find when you go back through your notebook themes of colours, styles, periods that you keep finding yourself attracted to.

This drinks cabinet isn’t particularly unique or antique for that matter and I have seen them in a number of Irish homes looking a little sad and jaded. This little drinks cabinet I picked up as a project item but I found that it has grown on me over time, I wasn’t  sure about it until I came across the cute tiny Swedish coloured glasses at an antique stall in Italy recently and decided to paint this drinks cabinet in a vibrant and fun colour as all good drinks cabinets should be… ours will have dust & cob webs before long as when you have small children who has the energy for drinks… but I think we will get back to it and in the mean time it cheers us up just looking at it and fills you with hope on dreary Mondays that you might have the energy to indulge by the weekend……a little Aperitif to reminisce over your holidays and escapes from the mundane.

The two Chalk Paint™ decorative paints by Annie Sloan I chose for the cabinet are Chateau Grey and eventually Emperor Silk, but as you can see I had started out wanting it a dark pink but it clashed against the Chateau Grey. We find when you paint a piece if it feels wrong just leave it for a day or two and keep looking at it with different light on it and a different times of the day. Then you can lighten/darken to get the colour just right, that’s the beauty of using Chalk Paint™ it is all very simple and stress free.

I had thought I would find a contrasting shade by using Old White mixed with Emperor Silk and then after a few days we decided it was a bit sickly, so back to Emperor Silk on its own. Then I sanded very lightly all over and then waxed in a clear wax to finish.

The little dollies under the glasses was another find in an Irish flea market, its 100% Irish linen 13 piece Luncheon set, it had a Cleary’s sticker for 13 punt that looked about 40 years old. We bought the wine opener in a market in and it was a bargain as when we showed to French friends they fell about laughing and showed us that they had nearly identical but it had been handed down generations and was cherished by the family! Either way part of the fun is the learning curve and the exploration, Annie Sloan paints are easy to paint over and start again and so there is no need to be afraid of ruining a piece when you can easily go over it until you get something you really love.

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