Italian Marble Cabinet Gets A Stunning Makeover November 19 2013, 7 Comments

Beaune, Burgundy, France


Inspired by this doorway colour in France I decided it was time to offer up something I loved to an Annie Sloan upcycle. After a lot of dithering I decided it would be my cherished Italian cabinet which was sourced and purchased in Liguria, Italy over 15 years ago and has been with me ever since. It is a simple design but I love it as it is topped with Italian Rosso Verona Marble and it always gives it a little perk, it is also an ideal size for storing items inside. The reason I finally chose the Italian cabinet was because after a lot of deliberation with the colour wheel and all the options of colours I decided the Chalk Paint™  by Annie Sloan in Aubusson can be quite dark and so the marble would brighten it up as well as focusing the eye on the depth of colour in the marble.

I applied a coat of Chalk Paint™ Emperors Silk firstly as I wanted to have a tiny glimpse of this in patches when in close proximity to the cabinet to add to its allure. When I completed the exterior, I decided to go to my old reliable Emperors Silk again as it always cheers up a piece and gives an unexpected surprise when you open a drawer or door and see it popping out. I did the top and bottom shelf with the Emperors Silk and then I applied a coat of Aubusson Blue to the exterior. I left it to dry overnight, checked the colour the next day and reapplied a final coat of Aubusson Blue and then sanded off a few preworn sections so the Emperors silk could be seen and giving it a preloved worn effect. For the drawer, I used a Louise Body design of birds which perfectly complemented the two colours.  In the attached photo you will see I also decided to upcycle an old magazine rack with beautiful tapestry like all the designer carpet bags en vogue in 2013. It had a mahogany colour and isn’t a genuine antique so I decided it could also do with a touch of glamour with a dash of Annie Sloan Aubusson Blue it perfectly sits with my Italian Blue Cabinet.

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