Vanity Stool Masquerading as a Piano Stool November 19 2013, 8 Comments

Inspired by this gorgeous wing backed chair I had seen whilst browsing through Annie Sloan’s website, I was originally looking for something much older and more appeasing on the eye but I also wanted something of an easy project to practise on when I was deciding to do a piece to complement pre-existing furniture in my home. This was a very unattractive piano stool (in my opinion) it was a light teak with a velour covered top, nothing notable about it.

When I examined it at the flea market where I found it, I decided that perhaps it was striking with its straight lines and simple design. Also, I knew it would be pretty straightforward to paint and reupholster and it was at purchased at a haggled price I could justify for a piece I didn’t actually need.  The owner told me it was a piano stool but when I got it home and showed to my husband he informed me that if it was a real piano stool it would have knobs on each side so the pianist could adjust the height and in fact what I had purchased was a vanity stool that perhaps has been the right side for its pianist….

I had purchased my husband an oil painting for his birthday, full of very vibrant colours so I started to search for material with as many of these colours as possible. I found it in IKEA and that’s when I decided to paint it in Chalk Paint™ decorative paint by Annie Sloan Annie Sloan Provence and to do a pop up colour of Emperor Silk when you open the lid as it’s a storage box for music sheets (or whatever one stores in their vanity stools if that’s what it is..). I have this in the hall just under the painting and for the first few days I just wandered out to the hall to gaze at my work I really love the colours. The surface on the stool was very smooth so I just removed the cushion part of the stool which was screwed on and painted away. I did two coats, and then waxed with Annie Sloan clear wax. I did the same for inside the storage area of the lid with the Emperor Silk. I used the staple gun to attach the material and slotted in the lid replacing the screws and as always you get that feeling of having created something beautiful from a preloved piece instead of buying something new that anyone else can have.....the uniqueness of the piece you end up with and the speed this can be achieved is the part I just love about Chalk Paint™. 

If you are looking for inspirational fabric for reupholstering your cherished finds, take a look at Annie Sloan fabrics.
to order and if you find it easier to plan a whole piece before starting as you want to complement a pre-existing colour scheme it is well worth browsing through the Annie Sloan site where all the fabrics are accompanied by their corresponding Annie Sloan paints.

Get to your next Flea market or Brocante Event find an item you love and make it your project for Christmas....Bonne Chance